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If your experience is anything like that of most government contractor executives, you’re more than aware of the difficulties facing your company when it comes to recruiting, payroll, and HR. In fact, 80% of C-Suite government contractors list hiring as a primary pain point. Here at GovConPay, we’re thrilled to introduce the first and only HCM solutions provider wholly dedicated to serving government contractors. Payroll, HR, talent, benefits, compliance, and workforce management are delivered in a unified platform that simplifies systems and improves efficiency.


GovConPay by Payroll Network’s understanding of the government contracting marketplace and their proprietary integration with our ERP system Unanet make them a great partner for Solidus. Their iSolved HR platform helps us to engage our employees and manage the entire employee life cycle. The interface with Unanet also means we are no longer managing employee records in multiple systems. Our productivity, timeliness, and accuracy of information have all greatly improved since bringing GovConPay by Payroll Network / iSolved on board in combination with Unanet.

Corinne Scouten, Director of Finance, Solidus Technical Solutions, LLC

What Can You Do With GovConPay?

  • Recruit Applicants

  • Track Applicants

  • Onboard Applicants Electronically

  • Outsource Payroll

  • Consolidate Online Benefit Enrollment for Employees

  • Provide HR Consulting and Support

  • Enable compliance with OFCCP, EEO, Vets-4212, ACA, SCA, and more

GovConPay makes recruiting, onboarding, and managing employees easier.

Simplify Systems. Improve Efficiency. Delight Your People.

Owning a business in the government contractor sector comes with a slew of challenges that other business owners don’t have to face. From ensuring you and your business systems remain compliant with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) protocols to keeping track of your employees and their production in a stringent manner, you have added responsibilities that are forgotten in other business systems. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an HCM solution that puts the priorities of GovCon executives first, recognizing the unique challenges you face on a daily basis? 

Founded by Payroll Network, GovConPay is the first ever HCM software dedicated exclusively to serving business owners and executives in the government contracting sector. Throughout our years serving a diverse group of government contractors with leading HR solutions and payroll services through a powerful HCM software, it became apparent that government contractors are severely underserved by national payroll providers. 

This realization allowed us to position GovConPay to offer a level of focus, knowledge, and service that the industry has been desperately seeking. Our commitment and robust HCM technology combines payroll, HR, applicant tracking and onboarding, benefits, and compliance into one software that seamlessly unifies the experience with your mission-critical DCAA-compliant ERP systems you already use, such as Deltek, Unanet, and others.

People Management Made Easy

Talent Acquisition 

When it comes to the government contractor sector, you don’t have the privilege of hiring Plain Jane or Joe Schmoe off the street. GovCon recruiting, hiring, and onboarding require special attention to detail to ensure that you are filling employment opportunities with the most qualified applicants.


All business owners benefit from improved efficiency, and that is especially true for government contractors forced to adhere to specific regulations. GovConPay is the only HCM solutions provider focused solely on helping government contractors improve company-wide efficiency. From enabling your employees to approve new HR policies and enroll in employee benefits through a self-service portal to integrating data between your HCM and ERP systems, we are ready to help you maximize efficiency.

Employee Satisfaction

Yes, one of the main goals of integrating an HCM system into your workflow is to save you time, money, and stress. Just as important, though, are the benefits it provides to your team. If you’ve ever worked on a clunky, outdated system as an employee, you know exactly how frustrating it can be to enroll in benefits and find the tools you need to succeed. GovConPay solves this problem by equipping your employees with easy-to-navigate software that improves overall workflow and satisfaction.


For far too long, the specific needs of government contractors have been ignored when it comes to employee management. Founded in 1998 and headquartered just outside our nation’s capital in Rockville, Maryland, we’ve had the privilege of working with government contractors for more than two decades. We know the particular challenges that you face in the GovCon sector as well as anyone, and we can’t wait to provide you with the experienced, committed team you deserve.


While you won’t have trouble finding an HCM provider that helps with a variety of business-related functions, we guarantee you won’t find another one tailored specifically to government contractors. As opposed to other cut-and-paste HCM solutions providers available, GovConPay is dedicated to serving the unique demands of government contractors.

The GovConPay ERP Ecosystem

Envision a world where all of your necessary day-to-day business activities and people management systems communicate without frustration. With GovConPay, that vision becomes a reality.

Say goodbye to the days of balancing multiple softwares that fail to communicate with each other. GovConPay recognizes that government contractors need a payroll and HR partner that understands the critical role that their DCAA-compliance ERP systems play in operating their business. Our clients rely on these systems — such as Deltek Costpoint, Unanet, and Jamis — and our custom integrations eliminate the inefficiencies of managing employee records in multiple systems.

The result? An HCM and ERP ecosystem that unifies the experience between our iSolvedHCM platform and your ERP. 


GovConPay by Payroll Network has been a Unanet partner since 2013. In 2015, we developed the ability to integrate Unanet with our robust HCM platform. We now share numerous joint clients across the country that benefit from our partnership and collaboration. Purpose-built in-house by GovCon professionals, Unanet is the only native integrated Cloud ERP solution built from the ground up to serve this unique market. For Unanet users looking to supplement their DCAA-compliant ERP software with an HCM solution, GovConPay is the answer. Learn more about our success stories within the Unanet community below.

Deltek Costpoint

As one of the most trusted ERP systems across the government contracting landscape, Deltek understands the intricacies of government contracting when it comes to time, accounting, and project management. GovConPay has collaborated with award-winning Deltek solutions partners to develop integration solutions between Costpoint and our HCM software. Learn more about our custom solutions for Costpoint users.


JAMIS offers DCAA-Compliant solutions to government contractors through a powerful ERP system built to simplify business processes and improve productivity. Using the most modern cloud technology, Jamis makes it easy to meet federal government compliance requirements. GovConPay functions alongside Jamis to make human capital management a breeze.

Aspire Software

Designed specifically for emerging government contractors, Aspire is a DCAA-compliant, project-focused business solution. This highly cost-effective, easy-to-deploy Cloud software combines powerful accounting, timekeeping, and project reporting capabilities in one and works in line with GovConPay to create an ERP and HCM ecosystem. 

A Marketplace of GovCon Partners

At GovConPay, simplifying your processes and improving your efficiency is our top priority. That’s why we made it a point to team up with various partners across the GovCon landscape to offer further benefits beyond our HCM software. Learn more about our available partnerships below, or visit our marketplace to get started with any of our partners.


OPSPro is a company born of a successful 8(a) federal government contractor. That 8(a) flourished into a company that generates more than $30 million in revenue and has earned multiple accolades, including recognition as a “Best Place to Work.” GovConPay partners with OpsPro to combine our robust HCM platform with their vast GovCon HR experience. Learn more about qualifying for complimentary consulting for compliance and best practices in talent acquisition, training, performance management, and more.


Our partnership with GovTech gives you access to the only insurance company in the country that specializes in liability coverage for technology companies that specialize in federal and state government contracts. GovTech helps you stay protected from the unforeseen while equipping you with the coverage to help finalize many government contracts. Learn more about our exclusive offerings from GovTech that you may qualify for as a client of GovConPay.

GSA National

Specializing in the design, management, and administration of employee benefit programs for government contractors, GSA National is the only integrated turnkey solution between human capital management & payroll platforms and Service Contract Act (SCA) compliance. Our partnership with GSA National provides access to preferred pricing, enhanced employee services, and more.

Elements Global Services

Elements Global Services is an award-winning international HR service and technology company that supports government contractors operating globally through employer of record services. Elements employs the workforce and assumes all employer liability on behalf of the contractor, allowing the contractor to focus on the mission at hand without building out entity infrastructure. With experience in more than 135 countries, Elements Global Services offers government contractors a reliable global employment solution. All GovConPay clients are eligible to access preferred pricing that we have negotiated with Elements Global Services.

Berenzweig Leonard

When it comes to handling legal issues, government contractors need a team of experienced and respected attorneys who understand the GovCon landscape and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Berenzweig Leonard LLP serves government contractors with effective, strategic legal services to guide companies, owners, and executives through a broad array of legal issues and proceedings. The firm takes a cost-down, revenue-up approach to help government contractors grow their business. As GovConPay’s legal teaming partner, Berenzweig Leonard provides our clients with advice, guidance, and seminars on a wide number of topics in the federal space, including:

Review and Advice on Bids

Managing HR and Employment Issues

Debriefing Strategies and Post-Award Bid Protests

Q&A Strategies and Pre-Award Bid Protests

Small Business Joint Ventures and Other Contracts

Addressing FAR and Other Compliance Issues

Responding to and Challenging CPARs

Contact GovConPay to learn how you can benefit from a partnership with Berenzweig Leonard LLP or any of our other partners.

HR Advisors Dedicated to Government Contractors

Are you struggling to find the HR consulting you need in the government contracting sector? HR is a vital component of any successful business, but it takes someone who truly understands GovCon to advise your business in the most effective way.

When you partner with HR Advisor from GovConPay, you can take advantage of our team of HR experts that will be with you when you need them most. From compliance issues to HCM software optimizations, HR Advisor is versed in solutions specific to government contractors.

If you have been taking on added HR responsibilities in addition to everything else already on your plate, partnering with GovConPay’s HR team can free up time for you to focus on growing your business. Here’s what you can expect from HR Advisor:

COVID-19 Employee Handbook Update — The pandemic has changed the way many of us do business, and HR Advisor understands the most integral updates that need to be included in your revised employee handbook. 

COVID-19 HR Policies and Processes — As internal operations continue to evolve in light of the virus, you need a team of HR experts that can safely and efficiently update your policies and processes to keep your business moving.

Seamless Employee Onboarding Experience — The professionals at HR Advisor are educated on GovCon compliance for talent acquisition, and we’re ready to remove the hassle from employee onboarding to ensure your employees can begin producing ASAP.

iSolved Optimization — Optimizing the way you use your iSolved technology can lead to improved efficiency and production throughout your business. Our team at HR Advisor understands the ins and outs of the software and is eager to help you exceed expectations.

HR Compliance — From federal and state laws to I-9 verification and documentation, there are a plethora of HR compliance tasks that government contractors must adhere to every day. We have the team of HR advisors to take that load off your shoulders and allow you to focus on business growth opportunities.

With employees in 20 States, payroll tax compliance and employee onboarding was a time-consuming burden. Payroll Network’s unified iSolved platform has enabled us to engage and enable remote and local employees like never before.
Bob Deegan, CFO, Array Information Technology

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