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FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc.

"The leading provider of outsourced Health and Welfare benefit solutions to government contractors."

About FCE Benefits Administrators, Inc.

FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc. is a full-service third-party administrator and employee benefits company. We specialize in designing, implementing, and administering compliant and cost-effective fringe benefit plans for local, state, and federal government contractors. 

Government contractors with a regulatory obligation to provide fringe benefits to their employees often find themselves unnecessarily burdened with additional management and financial reporting requirements. Outsourcing these tasks is a viable option when done correctly. A Third-Party Administrator can ease the burden and free a company to focus on their core competencies

Companies of all sizes and resource levels compete in the government contracting market. As a result, every company has different needs when it comes to fringe benefits as part of wage determination. FCE offers a wide range of products and services that can be customized to fit virtually any situation.

Customizable services include:

  • Hourly Driven H&W Plans
  • Benefits Management
  • Administrative Services
  • Compliance Services

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