GovConPay People Cloud

GovConPay is powered by a powerful, intelligently connected payroll and human capital management (HCM) platform - built to employ, enable, and empower your workforce while scaling with you.

Your Complete People Platform

The All-in-One Solution for GovCon Businesses

GovConPay does what no other HCM provider does — tailor your services to the distinctive demands that government contractors face. From initial recruiting and hiring through ongoing HR support, we’re proud to provide government contractors a trustworthy solution to their HCM needs.

The All-in-One Solution for GovCon Businesses

Employ. Enable. Empower.

Transform Your HR Dept. from Reactive to Tactical

With GovConPay's HCM software, you can easily and securely manage employee data with a single-source database. Eliminate your paper HR files and streamline your HR workflows. Turn your HR department into a strategy center that is focused on building culture and improving organizational efficiencies.

Transform Your HR Dept. from Reactive to Tactical
The GovConPay isolved People Platform

Development & Security Best Practices

Our team continuously works to stay current, comply with the latest regulations, maintain best-in-class certifications, and be guided by the highest industry standards, including the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework, to ensure that you and your employees are protected whenever using GovConPay's People Cloud.

GovConPay's platform is hosted and protected by the biggest and most trusted name in cloud computing, Microsoft Azure™

Built-in GovCon Business Compliance

Security You Can Trust

Safeguarding Your Data

GovConPay is dedicated to providing a secure and reliable human capital management (HCM) solution focused on the needs of employees. Our technology ensures our clients can offer their workforce an outstanding experience while keeping your data secure, private, and compliant.

Our commitment to privacy is unwavering as we proactively refine our safeguards to align with the latest technological advancements and the ever-changing requirements of our users.

Power Your GovCon Success

Experience GovConPay People Cloud

We get it. Government contracting means unique complexities, stringent reporting requirements, and a constant battle to find qualified workers. GovConPay is your all-in-one solution, deployed exclusively for GovCons.

HR Advisor: Support You Can Trust

Gain expert guidance from our SHRM and HRCI-certified HR Advisors on GovCon-specific benefits, policies, and unique employer situations.

Win Contracts. Protect Your Business. Empower Your People.

From proposal to project close-out, GovConPay simplifies your people operations, so you stay audit-ready and mission-focused.