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Pricing, Compensation, & Compliance

About HR-3D

For over 25 years, HR-3D has been the trusted partner for 300+ government contractors, providing top pricing tools, compensation solutions, audit support, and compliance services.
The innovative Pricing/Recruiting Tool by HR-3D offers quick responses and numerous benefits, saving labor hours for pricing professionals. HR-3D aligns RFP & Task Order labor categories with survey data and supports LPTA-related procurements.

Simply put, HR-3D solutions can assist you in the following ways:

  • Bid jobs in minutes with intuitive processes, unmatched ease, and accuracy using the HR-3D Pricing/Recruiting Tool,

  • Build several rapid response pricing scenarios for PTW teams, finance, and contracts with decision support documentation,

  • Implement an internal compensation infrastructure developed by HR-3D called the Compensation Management System (CMS) that maps incumbent staff to corresponding pricing tool data elements,

  • Be in compliance with DCAA/DOL/EEOC/OFCCP regulations.

We team up with HR-3D to keep our clients well-informed and agile in navigating the ever-changing regulations impacting government contractors.

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