DCAA ERP Integrations

The GovConPay ERP Integration Ecosystem

Envision a world where all your necessary day-to-day business activities and people management systems communicate without frustration. With GovConPay, that vision becomes a reality.

We're Building a Government Contractor ERP + HCM Integration Ecosystem

Say goodbye to the days of balancing multiple software solutions to run your business that fails to communicate with each other.

GovConPay recognizes that government contractors need a payroll and HR partner who understands the critical role that their DCAA-compliant ERP systems play in operating their business.

Our clients rely on these systems — such as Unanet, Deltek Costpoint, JAMIS, PROCAS, and eFAACT — and our custom ERP integrations eliminate the inefficiencies of managing employee records across multiple systems.

The result? A Human Capital Management (HCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ecosystem that unifies the experience between your isolved HCM platform and your ERP.


GovConPay has been a partner of Unanet since 2013. In 2015, we developed the ability to integrate Unanet with our robust HCM platform. We now share hundreds of joint clients across the country who benefit from our partnership and collaboration.

Deltek Costpoint

As one of the most trusted ERP systems across the government contracting landscape, Deltek understands the intricacies of government contracting when it comes to time, accounting, and project management. GovConPay has collaborated with award-winning Deltek solutions partners to develop integration solutions between Costpoint and our HCM software. 


JAMIS offers DCAA-compliant solutions to government contractors through a powerful ERP system built to simplify business processes and improve productivity. Using the most modern cloud technology, JAMIS makes meeting federal government compliance requirements easy. GovConPay has partnered with leading JAMIS consultant SDL Consulting to provide robust integration solutions and support services between JAMIS and GovConPay’s powerful human capital management platform.


Built specifically for government contractors using QuickBooks, eFAACT helps all organizations manage government contracts with the same precision as larger organizations... using fewer resources. GovConPay is the only outsourced payroll and HRIS solution that is fully integrated with eFAACT.


PROCAS is designed to align how accounting software functions with how people are required to operate to reach DCAA Compliance. Accounting, timekeeping, expense reporting, and project management systems are all seamlessly integrated into the base product, with API connectivity to Business Intelligence systems (like PowerBI). The standard accounting subscription includes built-in financial, project backlog, job costing, indirect rate calculations, and project profitability reports.

Win Contracts. Protect Your Business. Empower Your People.

From proposal to project close-out, GovConPay simplifies your people operations, so you stay audit-ready and mission-focused.