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GovConPay + eFAACT

"Built for the QuickBooks community to plan, track, and manage government contractors."

About eFAACT

The eFAACT and GovConPay connector deliver a unified solution that brings together a full employee experience by integrating employee onboarding and HR.
eFAAC seamlessly integrates QuickBooks with standard policies and procedures to deliver the consistent results DCAA and other audit agencies require. eFAACT understands DCAA compliance. Built-in "checkups" automatically evaluate ongoing results, and our eFAACT Advisors are ready to position your organization ahead of the audit curve.  
eFAACT delivers the following:
  • Time & Expense
  • Labor Accruals
  • Job Costing
  • Contact Management
  • Invoicing
  • Indirect Rates
  • ICE Schedules 
Hundreds of organizations with thousands of users around the world rely on eFAACT to streamline operations and deliver the results required by today's government contractors.

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About eFAACT - GovConPay

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