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How HCM and ERP Integration Increases Efficiency for GovCons

Having your data in a single system not only leads to increased efficiencies, but it also provides business intelligence needed to help companies make better decisions. Maintaining two systems of records can create dual maintenance burdensome for government contractors. 

The impact of an HCM and ERP integration can provide GovCons with a time-saving solution. When leaders can integrate HCM and ERP data, it creates streamlined processes and more efficient operations overall.

Creating Value with HCM and ERP Integration

isolved HCM is a solution to integrate and access your workforce management information with your ERP system by improving data accuracy with a simplified operation. The integration supports government contractors by staying compliant, accurate, organized, and efficient. There are three integration opportunities between your ERP system and isolved HCM.

  • Timecard Import
      • isolved HCM can import Employee time & expenses into isolved using the isolved Timecard Import specification.
  • GL Export
      • isolved HCM will produce a Payroll Journal Entry to import into your ERP system. General Ledger (GL) reports and exports are maintained within isolved using labor tables, GL rules, and labor allocation.
  • Employee Demographics
    • isolved HCM produces an interface file and is configurable.

Processes & Procedures Around Data Maintenance

Access to an HCM and ERP integration unifies data and enhances a variety of tasks and allows for a better experience around data maintenance. isolved HCM provides a few options when looking for an HCM and ERP integration: 

  1. A custom-mapped flat-file import that is downloadable daily from isolved HCM and can be manually uploaded to your ERP system. 
  2. An isolved flat-file-to-API which automates the daily import of employee demographics that flows without any client interaction.
  3. API-to-API which is currently in development. The API connection will update employee demographic seamlessly every 15 minutes. 

These three options permit isolved to be the system of record for employee demographics and eliminate the need to re-key employee demographics.

Unify the Experience Between HCM and ERP

isolved HCM and ERP integration is a key approach to improving performance through the ability of unified data. At GovConPay, we recognize the need for HCM and ERP integration for government contractors and the role it plays in operating the business in an organized and seamless way.

Government contractors rely on these systems, and we eliminate the inefficiencies of managing employee records in multiple pieces of software. We have created an ERP integrator community that automates the syncing between our isolved HCM and your ERP system.

As a result, we partner with several ERP systems most used and loved by government contractors today and relieve the dual maintenance burdensome with automated syncing between isolved HCM and your ERP system. To learn more about GovConPay, contact us today!