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Blog Post by GovConPay

GovConPayMarch 15 20231 min read

GovConPay Welcomes Rachel Smith to the Team

GovConPay, a leading provider of payroll and HR services for government contractors, is ...
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GovConPayJune 21 202123 min read

Strategies to Manage a Global Workforce and Win OCONUS Contracts

If today's workforce has no borders, what does that mean to companies and organizations ...
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GovConPayJune 18 20215 min read

What GovCons Need to Know About the Cybersecurity Maturity Model

With cybersecurity becoming a serious issue for the government, new measures are being ...
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GovConPayMay 28 20213 min read

Capitalize on Veteran Tax Credits for Employers

By hiring veterans, you don't just gain access to top talent with wealthy skill sets — ...
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GovConPayMay 19 20215 min read

Why DCAA-Approved Accounting Systems Help GovCons Stay Compliant

Maintaining DCAA compliance is one of the biggest challenges government contractors face. ...
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GovConPayMay 17 20215 min read

Ensure OFCCP Compliance With Updated Talent Acquisition Technology

When you work with the government, compliance always takes center stage. Landing a big ...
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GovConPayMay 6 202115 min read

How Will New SBA Regulations Affect 2021 Strategy for GovCons?

In October 2020, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) published new regulations ...
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GovConPayApril 26 20215 min read

How to Organize a VETS-4212 Report

One of the best hiring practices you can have as a contractor is to hire veterans who ...
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GovConPayApril 19 20215 min read

How to Prep for a DCAA Audit

As a government contractor, you can be subject to several DCAA audits. Failing to pass ...
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GovConPayApril 13 20216 min read

How to Hire Veterans, and Why it Matters for GovCons

Attracting the right people to an organization is imperative for every business, but even ...
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