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GovConPay Announces Strategic Partnership and Expansion in Atlanta

GovConPay, the only provider of payroll and HR technology solutions dedicated solely to the government contractor marketplace, has partnered with Charles James, Corporate and Governmental Affairs Manager of the International Strategic Development Think Tank (ISDTT) at the ATL Airport Chamber of Commerce (TAAC) U.S. Airports Economic Ecosystems Development Program (AEEDP).

Through its partnership with Charles James, GovConPay has joined ISDTT as a member and is sponsoring the launch on August 20 of the US Airports Economic Ecosystems Development Program (AEEDP).  The purpose of this program is to realize TAAC's vision for enhanced "SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT" comprehensively throughout airport ecosystems by increasing sustainable growth opportunities for women, BIPOC, and veteran-owned firms.

“We are honored to partner with Charles James who has deep roots in the regional GovCon community,” stated GovConPay President Joe Young. “Our mission is to support AEEDP and help women, BIPOC and veteran-owned firms grow with our people solutions and industry expertise.”

“The AEEDP vision is to establish an International Strategic Development Think Tank composed of experienced public and private sector thought leaders from within airports, governments, and corporations, stated Carmenlita Scott, President and CEO of the Atlanta Airport Chamber. “We are grateful that Joe and the GovConPay team have joined our cause and are providing much needed strategic services, Payroll and HR support to our businesses who need it most.”

"We are preparing women, minority and veteran owned firms to fully participate in emerging Patterns & Trends of Opportunity within Airport Economic Ecosystems over the next 24 months,” stated Charles James, ISDTT Corporate & Gov. Affairs Section Chair. “We define airport economic ecosystems as all financial transactions that can be attributed to the utilization or existence of any airport anywhere on the planet.”

Partnership Provides Thought Leadership and Payroll/HR Solutions

Charles joined the Business Solutions Consortium for the greater Atlanta market in 2018 and the International Strategic Development Think Tank (ISDTT) at the ATL Airport Chamber of Commerce (TAAC) U.S. Airports Economic Ecosystems Development Program (AEEDP) in 2021. 

His responsibilities include providing thought leadership and actionable real-world solutions with regard to funding, operating capital, business infrastructure, strategic partnership, business development, socio-economic development, client relationship management, governmental relations, corporate relations and community affairs for small to mid-sized commercial and government contractors.

About GovConPay by Payroll Network

GovConPay is a member of the International Strategic Partnership Think Tank and a top tier leader in the government section. GovConPay helps federal government contractors grow with outstanding service and a unified Payroll, Applicant Tracking/Onboarding, HR, Benefits and Tax Management technology platform that unifies with DCAA compliant, industry-specific ERP software. GovConPay is the first and only Payroll/HCM company wholly dedicated to serving government contractors. GovConPay is powered by isolved People Cloud™, an employee experience platform that seamlessly manages the entire employee journey and has been awarded a Gold medal and Leader position in the  2021 Human Capital Management Data Quadrant. For more information, visit www.GovConPay.com.

About The Business Solutions Consortium

The Business Solutions Consortium (BSC) is a mastermind of innovative thought leaders committed to facilitating growth and sustainability for small to mid-tier women and minority-owned companies. We utilize our collective resources in this way as our primary method of supporting the overall progression, resilience and sustainability of historically disadvantaged populations and underutilized business zones to achieve long-term asset-based socio-economic development.

VIDEO:  U.S. Airports Economic Ecosystems Development Program (AEEDP) SNYOPSIS.

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